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Welcome to the unfolding process of adopting our very first child! We started out planning to adopt a baby girl from Vietnam, but because of unrest in the international adoption world, we pulled out and are now working on a domestic adoption in our home state of Oregon. We hope to meet our little one sometime in the next year.

For this site, we hope to put up a healthy mix of the technical (status of paperwork, government forms, etc.) and emotional (photos, fun adoption stuff, “We want our baby!!”-freakouts, etc.). We predict a few future posts serving as nothing but therapy for us, so be forewarned! 😉 Finally, when we finally bring the baby home, this blog will serve as a way of showing her (maybe him?) to all our friends and family who can’t meet her right away.

Oh, and the “we” spoken throughout the site is the husband and wife team of Joel and Kate. Pop some popcorn and then read our exciting bio.

Thanks for stopping by,
Kate and Joel

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