Garage Sale Jitters

Oh my! The size and scale of this garage sale is, shall we say “daunting?” Yesterday was delivery day to Sharon’s house. Sharon is Kate’s amazing coworker that offered up her family’s home to host the garage sale. She is in a much more garage-sale-friendly neighborhood than ours, which should make a big difference. So far, we’ve delivered over 9 full pick-up trucks of stuff. I’ll say that again: over 9 pick-up trucks full!

Tonight is pricing night. It may not be possible to get everything priced tonight because there is just so much stuff. Kate and I really can’t believe the turn out. Everyone chipped in with stuff for the sale, friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, everyone. Setup tomorrow will be a challenge. We’re crossing our fingers that everything will fit in the space we have to display it. We’ll be spilling out onto the sidewalk, that’s for sure. It was even discussed to split the inventory into two spots: one in the front of the house and one back by the garage. We’ll see.

To those who want to stop by, here’s the craigslist ad with all of the details, including a nice Google Map.

More on the garage sale as it develops

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