Book Worm

While I was sitting on the couch yesterday, Holly wanted to have some books read to her. She would grab one book, bring it to me, ask to be picked up and sit in my lap, then when the book was finished, I’d help her down and she would fetch another book to repeat the process. We did this 15 times, all before 10:00 AM. I have to admit, I was giving a less passionate performance around book 12 😉

These are the books we read:
The stack of books Holly and I read on 9-15-2011

Changing the look

Hi. We’re in the process of changing the site’s design. The old design was nice, but was too narrow for displaying all of the photos we want to display. You may see the site design change a bit in the coming weeks, but I promise we will land on something eventually and stick with it 🙂

Holly Update

And here we have a post that demonstrates our new schedule in Baby Land. I can’t believe that it’s been a month and a half since our last posting. Eek! Sorry about that.

A little update for you all. Holly is just awesome. Wonderful temperament, laid-back personality, and quite smiley. She is very agreeable, but not a push over. If she needs something, she let’s us know! Her ability communicate is sensational. She can tell us when she’s hungry, has a dirty diaper, tired, over stimulated, or bored very clearly. Rarely are Kate or I at a loss to comfort her.

Believe it or not, she’s almost sleeping through the night. More nights than not, she sleeps from roughly 10:00 PM to 5:00 or 6:00 AM. We fully understand how great this is for us and are very grateful! But let’s get onto the good stuff! Here are some photos over the last month and a half:

Grandma Barb and Cousin Tess with Holly at the Joel/Barb birthday gathering on Aug. 4th:

Holly’s brand new belly button. The cord stub just fell off (Aug. 6th):

Baby’s first Starbucks with Mommy (Aug. 8th):

Our friend Alex (3 years old) visiting Holly (Aug. 10th):

Holly and cat Gary keeping Dad warm on a cold morning (Aug. 11th):

In the bed with Mom, and her cowlick (Aug. 11th):

Drying off after baby’s first bath! (Aug. 11th):

Mom filing Holly’s nails (Aug. 12th):

Surrounded by colors! Holly in her farm animal bouncy chair (Aug. 14th):

The whole family in Nintendo Wii form (Aug. 18th):

I guess she’s not perfect all the time (Aug. 30th):

In her new pretty dress from her friend Sophie. 5 weeks old (Sept. 5th):