Another Step Closer

Joel talked to our Social Worker yesterday and she has finished our home study and put our I-600a in the mail! From here we will be getting a letter asking us to come in and get fingerprinted (again!) and then we wait for the I-171H to arrive. This process could take up to three months, but will hopefully be shorter. The I-171H is the last piece in the dossier puzzle, once we have it we can send the dossier to Vietnam! We’re creeping ever closer:)

2 thoughts on “Another Step Closer

  1. Good luck! We are also waiting on an I-171H to come, unfortunately it’s holding up the whole adoption…don’t let your fingerprints expire!! I hear it ususally doesn’t take 3 months though, and our first time around it took less than a month so hopefully it won’t be long this time either.

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