Pardon me, may I see your biometrics?

Sheesh! Took ’em long enough but we finally received our fingerprinting appointment at USCIS. Or as they put it “USCIS must capture your biometrics”. I hope they warm up the equipment first *wakka wakka*. The strange thing is that two other families with our agency sent their I-600a application in within two or three days of us (one sent in after ours) and they both received their fingerprinting appointments weeks ago. The US government running in an unorganized fashion? I’m shocked … SHOCKED!

Fingerprinting Appointment Letter

The appointment is Jan. 2nd. What better way to shake off the New Year hangover and start the year on a good foot by being fingerprinted by Homeland Security? But when it’s for a good cause, USCIS can capture my biometrics any time 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pardon me, may I see your biometrics?

  1. Yay! Fingerprints are around the corner! I heard they only take 48 hrs to be updated in the ‘system’. One step closer! Anna

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