Faithful Readers. . .

Or, should I say checkers, as there has been nothing new to read since January. Sorry about that. There just hasn’t been anything to write about since January. I guess you could say that no news is good news, but in our case, it’s just no news. The process is still moving at a snail’s pace and nothing new or interesting has happened in a great while. Keep checking back periodically though, you never know when something might happen!

3 thoughts on “Faithful Readers. . .

  1. Hi there. I have been checking your blog every so often to see what news has come about with your adoption process. We were also in the Vietnam program through OO (I never participted in any chats but did peek in on some family blogs) and switched to domestic here in Oregon Jan/Feb 2008. I think we quite possibly may have both switched over to the same domestic agency.

    I am sorry things are taking so long as you wait. I will keep checking in every so oft till I see a beautiful baby.

  2. I don’t know if you heard ( I just spoke with SW yesterday) but “the agency” has LOTS of BMs due in August. They don’t usually divulge that kind of thing so I thought I would fill you in. So, since I haven’t seen anything otherwise on your blog, I say, Keep the Faith!! (-:

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