Changing the look

Hi. We’re in the process of changing the site’s design. The old design was nice, but was too narrow for displaying all of the photos we want to display. You may see the site design change a bit in the coming weeks, but I promise we will land on something eventually and stick with it 🙂

5 thoughts on “Changing the look

  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful blog. One of my family members recently placed her daughter for adoption. It was supposed to be an open adoption but it is far from that. All my grieving family member wants it an opportunity to see her daughter in a safe, loving environment. Your blog is an amazing example of how to share.


  2. So glad you like the site. I hope your two families are able to get the level of openness you each desire. With our adoption, we have a legally binding openness agreement that our agency helped us create. We send a letter and pictures every month.

  3. Hi there- just came across your blog and enjoyed running thru the archives. My wife and I officially started the domestic adoption process in Dec ’10, and are apparently now “paper pregnant” (thx for the intro to the term!) We call our printed profile our “Juno Book”. I must admit I welled up when I got to the “instant baby news” -awesome. Seeing your journey has helped reinforce a key term we’ve embraced (thus far anyway): “guarded optimism”. We’re soooo excited about starting our family and already people are asking for updates. I’ve been saying “it’s the waiting game now. Completely out of our hands. They say 2-24 months.” As I went thru your blog, I realized that we must keep the guarded optimism in check, but keep the ultimate faith.
    Congrats on Holly. She’s beautiful! Looking fwd to your next chapters (as success in adoption isn’t simply bringing your child home – it’s a life-long journey!) Thanks for your openness and sharing.

  4. Best of luck to you guys! It is a long, difficult journey with an absolutely beautiful result.

  5. your blog has in fact inspired me to do one as well! we just started our little adventure about a month ago, and wont be paper pregnant for at least another two months but it is helpful to know that it will eventually lead to something, eventually it will lead to our baby. wish us luck im sure we’ll need it!

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