Home study is on the calendar

Well that was fast. Not but three days after sending in the last of the agency paperwork do we have our home study scheduled. Booyah!

It feels very good to get this scheduled. I said to our social worker at the agency ‘It feels like we’re making “real” progress now.’

We’ve got roughly three weeks until the home study. Our plan is:

  1. Get as much (hopefully all) of the dossier paperwork completed so our social worker can take it with her afterwards.
  2. Clean the house. Three weeks should just be enough 😉 I’m joking, right? Right?!

Step One … Complete!

Close-up of doctor’s letter

Joel sent the last of our agency paperwork in on Friday! Woo Hoo! Our criminal background check came back exactly two weeks from when we sent it in, and just worked out to land on the same week as we got our medicals. They looked good, no mistakes that we could see.

Getting our medicals was a bit of an adventure for both of us. It’s a long story, but in the end we both got what we needed and hopefully the agency will be happy with it!

Joel dropped the paperwork in the mail Friday and the next step is to have our social worker look them over and schedule our home study!

Birthday presents for baby and me

I recently celebrated my 30th birthday. This year we asked our family and friends not to give us gifts for birthdays and Christmas, but to instead give us the money they would have spent on gifts to go in our adoption fund. Everyone has been really great about it, but it sometimes gets boring just writing cards and checks. So, my sister and parents decided to get sneaky. They hid the checks in presents for the baby! My mom bought us a beautiful, handmade baby sling, with a satin Asian print on one side and cotton yellow and pink daisies on the other. And my sister found the cutest little maryjanes in an Asian print. Joel got a great Sandra Boynton board book wrapped around his birthday check from my sister (Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!). There was one “check carrier” that was just for me, my folks got me a hot pink skin for my Razr phone 😉

Thanks for all the fun stuff, best 30th ever! Here are some pics of the shoes and sling:

Shoes from Kate’s sisterSling from Kate’s mom