October Update (a few days late)

I know we’re not updating as often as folks would like, but baby time is just so darned different than real time! So we’re trying for once a month.

Holly continues to be a joy. She is talking like crazy, all kinds of great coos and gurgles. She will have conversations, responding to a question with a sweet noise, just like people 🙂 She is getting so big, over 12 pounds, and we think she’s getting longer every day. She sits up with the assistance of pillows or the corner of the couch and likes to be held in a standing position. She hates tummy time with a passion and is very clear about her feelings on that subject. She’s happy and healthy, and we couldn’t ask for more.

Now, what you really want, pictures

Jeans and t-shirt photoshoot (Sept. 14th):

Peacock outfit (Sept. 17th):

Baby’s first IKEA. Yes, we got the puppets for her (Sept. 19th):

Morning smiles and her birth marks on back of head (Sept. 22nd):

“One million dollars!” (Sept. 22nd):

Grasping her first object (a shoe, which makes Mom very happy), plus a cute outfit on Kate’s birthday (Sept. 25th):

Baby’s first swing is all a blur. She loves it by the way (Sept. 28th):

Holly checks out the baby in the mirror. Cue “You’re so Vain” (Oct. 5th):

Kangaroo-style with Dad (Oct. 9th):

Official two-month photo, plus outtakes (Oct. 10th):