Another Step Closer

Joel talked to our Social Worker yesterday and she has finished our home study and put our I-600a in the mail! From here we will be getting a letter asking us to come in and get fingerprinted (again!) and then we wait for the I-171H to arrive. This process could take up to three months, but will hopefully be shorter. The I-171H is the last piece in the dossier puzzle, once we have it we can send the dossier to Vietnam! We’re creeping ever closer:)

Step One … Complete!

Close-up of doctor’s letter

Joel sent the last of our agency paperwork in on Friday! Woo Hoo! Our criminal background check came back exactly two weeks from when we sent it in, and just worked out to land on the same week as we got our medicals. They looked good, no mistakes that we could see.

Getting our medicals was a bit of an adventure for both of us. It’s a long story, but in the end we both got what we needed and hopefully the agency will be happy with it!

Joel dropped the paperwork in the mail Friday and the next step is to have our social worker look them over and schedule our home study!